How To Spot An Online Business Scam 🕵️‍♀️

How To Spot An Online Business Scam 🕵️‍♀️

So how can you work out if it’s a get rich quick online business scam?

The online marketing industry has been recording exponential growth over the last few years.

But as much as this is good news for online marketers, it has also led to the emergence of many online training platforms, courses, and training. Some promising to make you a millionaire overnight mixed in with many that are legitimate and really can teach you how to create a successful authentic business. This crowded space makes it difficult for newcomers to differentiate between the legit courses and the get rich quick schemes. You are not entirely at fault for falling for a plan that claims it can make you a millionaire within a few weeks. Marketing scams have been evolving with each passing year, a fact that has made it difficult even for industry experts to be able to spot them. However, you should note that not all marketing schemes are-get-rich-quick schemes.
There are highly successful marketers who can teach you how to create an authentic business that will help you earn good money in the “long run”.
In this article, I look at the various tricks that promise to make you a millionaire:

1. Promises, Promises, and Promises

“Become a millionaire within six months using this tried and proven online marketing system”; “Create a business that will help you earn a good income within six weeks by following the steps”; “Implement the following tips and start earning money today”
Any of this sound familiar to you?
Any experienced marketer can identify these phrases and stay away from them. But for a beginner, it may prove a bit difficult to differentiate between them. And it is the reason why many beginners end up falling for these schemes as they are eager to create an authentic business and start earning money.   Scammers using these phrases promising high earnings in short timeframes are those that are out to make money from unsuspecting beginners. The truth is that you can become an online millionaire, but not by falling prey to all these promises. The reality is that the people running such programs are employing known copywriting tactics to grab your attention, and for the case of a beginner, spark an interest in the program.

2. Contradictory Details

Where a program creator is focusing on lining his or her bank account, they will generally tend to use sales pictures on their program websites. And just as was the case in the last point, their main aim will be to grab your attention. Here, they will often end up providing you with a new set of totally contradicting details to sound legitimate and convince you that they can help you create an online business. For instance, ever come across an online post that claims that it can assist you to become a millionaire within a year of joining the program? Sounds fishy, doesn’t it? On the other hand, the trainer during his first webinar then goes on to state that this is not one of those get rich quick schemes. Isn’t the training coordinator contradicting himself? If you’re cautious you will be able to read between the lines and notice the contradictory data provided. You may then deduce the promoted course cannot help you actualize your goal to create an authentic business.

3. Using Lavish Pictures

If you’ve used a search engine to look up the phrase “how to earn online,” it is possible that you’ve encountered promotional material and advertisements featuring luxurious mansions, flashy sports cars, and self-made millionaire pictures. Overuse of lavish pictures is one of the most common tricks and is all over the World Wide Web. A good-quality product will focus on selling its benefits and features and will leave this kind of promotional branding to the scammers.

4. Products That Are Focused on Money Outcomes

When it comes to online marketing, you can easily attract a person to your course or online training by showing them how they stand to benefit by signing up. Many websites state you can create a business typically showcasing screenshots depicting their monthly or yearly income reports. Others will tend to showcase how a person became a millionaire, or how their lives changed after using certain products. In as much as it is proper that such programs show proof that they work, using “too many” pictures can also be an indication that the training in question is among the many get rich quick schemes available on the web. Because at the end of the day, how the programs’ owner became transformed is not in any way directly tied to your own success.

A product that works will focus on selling its top features, how this program can benefit you, and some of the things that you are likely to learn from this program.

Good marketers know that they should not focus on promoting themselves. Proof that a program helped them become a millionaire or helped them change their lifestyle should always come secondary.
What you are interested in learning is the methods or techniques that you can follow to be as successful as they have become.
Therefore, if you notice that a particular course is placing too much focus on the money outcome, move on. 

5. Pyramid Schemes

An excellent example of a get rich quick scheme is a pyramid scheme. Many projects work in the form of a model which recruits members by promising them that they will receive a service or a payment for getting others to enroll in the business. In short, they promise you to earn by getting others to subscribe, instead of supplying a product or service. The reality is that with this type of program, you will learn how to get others to sign up, instead of how to create an authentic business.   Often, you will find that these get rich quick schemes tend to be unsustainable, and are written off as illegal businesses in many countries. The problem that lies in online marketing is that such enterprises come in various disguises. You have to be sharp to make sure that you will not become a victim.

6. Limited Time Offer

This is a technique commonly employed by marketers who are looking to boost their offers, by claiming that they can help you learn how to create an authentic business, but that this offer is only available for a short period only. The reality is that those behind it are only using these tactics with the hope of earning money within the shortest period. Legitimate offers will provide you with options to extend the buying window when they are focussed on helping you make the right decision for you.

Final Verdict

Before you sign up to any program, take your time to go through the available reviews. But be sure to check out the validity of the reviews as there are known scams even within these reviews.
Check to see if you can “test drive” the course with 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked.
That way after dipping your toes in,  if you find it is not a good fit you can cancel and get your money back. Programs that are legitimate about helping you find the right fit, will also support you when you decide their program is NOT a good fit. They will encourage you NOT to proceed when they can see their program will not be able to provide for your needs or aligned with the program objectives.

A final point.

Know what learning style you prefer so you can determine whether the program can cater to your learning needs.
After all, how can you learn if the program does not cater to your learning style? Typically the different learning styles are:
  • Visual learner: you like to take in information from pictures, diagrams, charts
  • Auditory learner: you prefer to learn through sound and music
  • Linguistic: you prefer learning through speech
  • Kinesthetic: you like to be kept moving
  • Tactile: you are a fidgeter and like to play with something while learning
  • Do you like to learn in a group environment?
  • Do you prefer to learn via individual coaching?
  • Prefer to have your handheld and someone you can get guidance before can move on? or,
  • Prefer autonomy and happy to look for information yourself with support as you need
Do not fall prey to any course or training program that promises to make you a millionaire within a few weeks…There is no shortcut to becoming successful.

As much as it is possible to become an online millionaire, it will take time, dedication, and lots of effort.

Check out how the platform I chose transformed my life and how it may even be what you’ve been searching for….

Feel Free to reach out if you have any questions. With Love Taga xxx

5 tips to step out of your 9-5 job and into entrepreneurship

5 tips to step out of your 9-5 job and into entrepreneurship

So how exactly do you lean into this new world of entrepreneurship?

Like me, many of us have only ever known the routine of the 9-5 job. (more like 8-6 if I was lucky plus commute time)

Let’s face it, getting a wage is a safe life. Working for the safety of the weekly, fortnightly or monthly pay is security and that is not a bad thing. Good jobs and a good income are the expected norms of our society: Grow up, get good grades, go to higher education, get a good job.

Yet why doesn’t our dream job feel fulfilling?

If you’re like me, there’s still a gap. My doctor once said to me, high achievers get to a point of questioning what more, more regularly as they are constantly hitting that glass ceiling of mastering their jobs.

I’d get to the point where I’d given as much as I could and in return, I received great acknowledgment from managers, industry peers and community leaders.

But Life had become a routine and I was looking for more.

How do you lean into this new world of entrepreneurship?

You may not have anyone in your family or friends who you can model so a lot of this will require self-development.

Meaning only, YOU can take the steps.

The thing is, Fear stops us from taking the step into our own business.

Fear of failure. Fear of losing the stability that our steady income brings.

Yet envy hits as you are reading posts on social media from people who have taken the leap and are flying.

Fear is not a bad thing. Back in the caveman ancestor days, fear stopped us from getting chased by a prehistoric monster and either being injured or killed. Our innate fight, flight or freeze response is designed to protect us from threat or danger.

Fear is running tapes in your mind:
  • How do you keep paying for your bills today until money comes in from your business?
  • Where do you find time to create and build your new business?
  • What if I don’t even have a product or service to sell?
  • How long will it take to be up and running?

These are the same questions I tried to figure out to get the right balance of keeping an ongoing income to pay the bills while building something on the side.

Here are the 5 tips to help you…but before you go through them: go out and treat yourself to a brand-new journal.

make yourself a nice long mug of coffee or tea…

put on some nice background music and let your thoughts flow…just write.

Don’t think about the logistics of how its going to work, how you’re going to pay for it, how you’re going to find the time for it…Let the ideas flow through your hand and write…

1. Number down the side 1-50 all the things that you enjoy doing that you find yourself helping others to do

I started by making a list of the “50” ways I could make money. To be honest, I could only get to 39 but the idea is you’ll really start to push yourself outside your immediate sphere of thinking as you exhaust the first few that come to mind. You will really become quite creative.

Things on my list I’d considered share trading, Forex trading, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, cleaning, online surveys, real estate flipping, real estate rent-to-buy. Whilst I haven’t tried them all, I’ve certainly considered many options. My husband and I did run a commercial cleaning franchise for a couple of years to raise income and that gave us the extra money to help build my business.

I’ve completed countless sales webinars and whilst they provided great possibilities, I was able to settle with something that ticked all the boxes for me. More on that later…

2. Hobby or business?

Now decide for certain if it’s going to be a hobby that you do for love, or if you are able to monetize your hobby.

There are plenty of success stories of people who have turned their hobbies into a successful business’. Sometimes getting your juices flowing with your hobby may gradually solve problems while doing the thing you love.

Start to list the problems you’ve had and that you’ve found others are having.

Describe how you’ve solved those problems

3. Research programs that are available to help you develop your mindset.

Search on the internet for services that support your interest and begin to research how these services are operating.

This research may open service gaps that you can fill with your new-found knowledge and experience

4. Find a mentor

You are the average of the 5 people around you.

If sitting watching TV is the normal way you fill your days, you’re probably with people who also enjoy watching TV during their downtime.

The mindset you have now is the product of many years of conditioning not just within close family influences but your chosen circle of friends, and your environment.

“If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results…” Tony Robbins


My first thought was…If up to now my life reflects that I have surrounded myself with people who are in the 9-5 mentality, where the heck do I find a successful Millionaire who is willing to mentor little old me in the suburbs?

Well, I did. I found 2 amazing Multi-Millionaire Mentors who have developed an academy which ticks all the boxes…but more on that later

Be a student, immerse yourself in the teachings of successful entrepreneurs in the field of your interest.

5. Manage and Grow Your Mindset

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” Tony Robbins

I love this quote from Tony Robbins (I know 2 in the same article, but they are so appropriate).

This quote certainly does remind us the power is right here in our own hands.

We can start by retraining our brains.

You can start this now.

Invest in retraining your brain today for tomorrow.

Make listening to inspirational podcasts, audio-books, reading books, constantly growing and evolving your mind to replace the thought patterns that have you living in the results you have today.

Names like: Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Tony Robbins, Oprah are favorites of mine and many more.

Find a program that allows you to sit in mastermind sessions with successful people in the field that interests you and learn not just what they do, more importantly, “why” they do it.


I found all these in the SFM/DEA Academy (Six Figure Mentors/Digital Experts Academy) – Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek

After doing these 5 exercises, these are the key things I discovered were important to me in a program:

  1. Something that allowed me to spend more time with my husband and family. I had tried Mortgage Brokering after I left the bank 15 yrs ago but found I had just become a slave to my business. Desperation drove me to work long 10hr days, 7 days a week. No different from when I was working for someone.
  2. Provided an environment that could teach me how to run a business that reflected my values and beliefs. I needed to know that I could truly make a difference in someone’s life…my way
  3. Where I could learn a successful, proven business model – and really enjoy applying it to any service or product. One which retrains my mindset to create the changes I need to become; teach the successful business models that made them successful and created a community of people just like me I get to network and support each other.
  4. I needed the income stream to be truly passive – I am a hard worker by nature. I put in where I need and more, so I needed something I could apply all my energy and passion into at the front end, and enjoy the ongoing passive income generated for years to come.


If these sound like you, if you are looking for something as well, request this 7-day free video series so you can see if this is a fit for you as well. Just as I had started this June.

In fact in the short time of being a student I have:
  1. Identified and anchored myself in my BIG WHY which I talked about in a previous blog
  2. Built my own new website from scratch…ok it’s not perfect but that’s ok it is much more than I had ever done before
  3. Completed my 7th blog post…I was so afraid of blogging I just didn’t know where to start
  4. Now established funnels working with affiliate links to 3 different services
  5. My first product is about to launch it on Amazon…woohoo

Today is day 84 of my journey…if it takes me 5 years, that’s ok. I’m just thrilled at the progress already. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

So don’t be afraid to check it out.

If it’s not a fit for you, simply unsubscribe and you can continue to check out other options. Treat this as part of your research.

Find out more about my journey….With Love Taga xxx








How do you find time to build your online business when you’re working?

How do you find time to build your online business when you’re working?

So, how do you find time to build your soul-centred online business “on the side?” when you’re constantly juggling family needs, work demands and running a household…

3 days before I resigned from a job which up until then I was absolutely loving, I was called into the office by my manager. Long story short, my manager questioned how I was as able to build my online business on the side while I was working full-time.

Later that afternoon, I received an email with instructions to report: what my appointments were, how long they were going to be, when they are finished, what my movements were etc etc etc.

Up until that point, I had enjoyed a certain amount of autonomy with fortnightly reporting, which suited me well. Needless to say, 3 days later I had submitted my 2-page letter of resignation.

I don’t know about you, but I have never been able to work in a micro-managed environment.

So just how do I manage to work my side online business while working full time? 

I started by taking a good hard look at how successful people manage to achieve so much. I saw the common habits they followed whether they were entrepreneurs, sports people, politicians, celebrities.

They all shared some common things about their days that I knew I could model.

I realized then I’m only 1 decision away from taking action.

Forbes article on “Five Simple Morning Rituals Of Exceptionally Successful People” describes the morning habits of greats such as Barack Obama’s regular morning run, media mogul Ariana Huffington’s and Oprah’s morning meditation practice,

Some of the known benefits of a good start to your morning include:

  • Cardio workouts improve blood circulation and energy levels during the day
  • Journaling an “effective way to tame mental clutter, sharpen your focus and unlock creativity.”
  • Meditation practice “reduces stress, promotes emotional stability and strengthens the immune system.”
I focussed on developing a morning routine that suits me:
  • 4.00am rise
  • Drink a couple of glasses of water and put on my exercise gear
  • Meditation time
  • Head into the study to start creating work – even at high school my best time study time for exams was 4.00am in the morning
  • Once daylight arrives I have already written content or certainly well on my way to completing content,
  • I plug in my headphones to listen to my audiobook or podcast of choice and set out on my walk
  • Get home and cool down with yoga and a dose of meditation
You will find the routine that suits you.
Once I nailed the morning routine that works for me and that motivates me, I was able to focus on working a more intentional and productive day.
Mindless Minutes

Why not set yourself a simple task? Take note of all your activities during the day.

  • How much time do you spend on social media distracted by other people’s drama?
  • How much time is lost to getting caught up in other people’s drama?
  • How much time do you spend watching TV?
Now total for the day. How much time can you take back?

When I completed this exercise myself, I found:

  • 3hrs in the evening after work day @ 15hrs p/wk +
  • 7hrs each on Saturday and Sunday @ 14hrs totaling: 29hrs.
    • Notice I have allowed 7 hours each on Saturday and Sunday? For me, the mornings my husband and I have done things together so I found by the afternoon we would normally be watching TV. Why not replace TV time with creative activities?
So, I’d found 29hrs a week I could use to build my business without sacrificing “me” time, and family time.

The TV is off now…although we never miss our favorite All Blacks games, and replaced by different forms of learning:

  • completing online courses,
  • modules,
  • attending webinars with people of influence,

constantly being a student and a sponge to new information to help me grow and develop the person I want to become. The person I needed to be to become to be the successful online business owner I wanted to be.

The interesting thing that happened when my excitement and momentum increased: I found a further 2 hours every morning. I added another 10hrs each week.

I was effectively working 2 full-time jobs. But my business was in a motivational state.

Some people would ask: how can that be sustainable?

One of my favorite authors and speakers Simon Sinek quotes: “Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion.”

Simon’s quote sums it up well. The 39hrs I now dedicate towards focussed actions for my business is easily spent and then some.

Another habit I have changed is personal development audiobooks and podcasts have replaced my Spotify playlist on my walks and while I’m driving.

I want to make sure that every minute of every hour I am listening to uplifting and educational material.

When you get excited about what you are working on, it doesn’t take much to sacrifice what is not in line with achieving your goals.
  • We all wake up in the morning
  • We all sleep to rest and recuperate
  • We are all given the same 24hrs a day; 168hrs a week.
So, how do you choose to spend your 168hrs each week now? 

If you are struggling to find time to set an early start, a great read: “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod has helped thousands of people like myself create a morning routine that has transformed their lives.

So if you’re telling yourself you “don’t have enough time to start your business” and you are open to learning strategy’s to change your thought patterns, do yourself a favor and take the first step by immersing yourself in  “The Miracle Morning” taking part in the 30-day challenge.

You will begin to focus every spare minute of the day to be dedicated to actions to achieve limitless potential in all areas of your life.

CLICK here to learn more about creating your profitable online business….with Love Taga xxx