6 Hacks To Stop Putting It Off🤔 Procrastination

6 Hacks To Stop Putting It Off🤔 Procrastination

Oh yes. Procrastination. The number 1 success killer

Procrastination and delaying a decision or action can be one of the biggest issues when running an online business. When you run an online business, you are going to be your own boss. This takes a great deal of self-discipline. One of the biggest setbacks when it comes to self-discipline is procrastinating.

Procrastinating is a habit that will be very difficult to break.

The sooner you work on your procrastination habits, the sooner you will be able to take your business to a whole new level.

I was so grateful when I was recommended the book: “The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins”

When you think of the 5-second rule, you may think of how long you can leave a piece of food on the floor before you can pick it back up again.

However, this is not what Mel Robbins had in mind when she created the 5-second rule.

Mel Robbins was able to come up with this way of motivating herself to get out of bed when she was watching footage of a NASA rocket launch. Counting down from five to lift off is a great way to make yourself take action right away.

The 5-second rule can become a great habit that will help you even when you are feeling the greatest lack of motivation.

The great thing I found with the 5-second rule was just how quick and immediate the results were. It is a great way of avoiding procrastination and a great tool that will help you take your online business to the next level.

Mel Robbins has created a lucrative career around the 5-second rule that helped her overcome her own period of complete down and out.

By sharing her own experience, Mel has uncovered 1000’s of others who were also struggling to get through their own demons. In fact, many of her readers and admirers around the world have been able to turn their business and personal lives around by using the 5-second rule.


Running an online business can be a very tricky thing to do.

Being your own boss is something that takes a great deal of practice and experience. One way that you can run a more effective online business is by setting goals.

These goals will give you something to shoot for. To take this to the next level, you can give yourself an incentive for reaching certain goals.

Not only will you get the rush of completing your goal but you will also be able to have a great incentive to look forward to.

Public speaker Dr. Jordan Peterson uses video games as an example of an incentive that can help you reach short-term goals.

Once you have worked on and completed a project in for your online business, you can reward yourself for not procrastinating by playing a video game for 15 or 30 minutes.

This will be a fun incentive that will help you stay excited about your goals. You could also set goals for certain revenues met with your online business.

By not procrastinating, you will have better revenues and will be able to reward yourself by purchasing certain items that would help take your hobbies to the next level. For example, if you don’t procrastinate for a whole month, you may be able to finally afford those new golf clubs that you have been looking at all season.

Remove distractions

It is much easier to kick your habit of procrastinating if you can remove your distractions.  I’ always catching myself checking my phone for updates then find myself scrolling through social media. Checking emails constantly. Calling someone for a catch-up. Getting sidetracked reading automatic pop-ups and notifications on my phone or computer. These constant distractions feed our procrastination.

I have found that creating an effective workspace where I could really focus on my online business has helped me become much more productive and much less likely to fall back into my old bad habit of procrastinating.

A great workspace is somewhere that is hard to slack off.

If you don’t have money to lease office space, find a room in your home or apartment that can be dedicated to working.

If you are trying to get all of your online work done in your bedroom or living room, it will be too easy to just take a nap or watch some TV. This type of procrastinating can be solved by having a home office that is void of distractions.

This doesn’t mean that your home office can’t be fun. If you can work well with a movie on in the background, there is no problem having a TV in your office.

A small fridge can also be a great addition to your home office.

Have an accountability partner

Having an accountability partner that will keep tabs on you can be a great way to stop procrastinating as much.

You need to make sure that you choose a partner that is really going to keep you accountable for the goals you have set. Try to choose a partner that will really make you think about your choices if you fail to meet your quotas.

These partners can help you take your business to a whole new level. Friends and family members can be great accountability partners if you are running your business on your own. If there is someone within your business who you trust, this will be a great idea for an accountability partner.

They will be at your place of work every day and will be able to keep close tabs on you. This is a great way to have a partner who will check up on you daily.

Keep your energy levels high

If you are having a lack of energy, it is going to be very difficult for you to stay on task.

Regular exercise and breaks will help you keep your energy levels high. Making sure you are eating enough is also a great idea for keeping your energy levels high. Coffee and energy drinks can be a good way to boost your productivity. However, you may find that you are crashing after using these types of energy boosters.

Eating Frogs First 🐸

When I first heard about Brian Tracy’s book: Eat that Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating,  I was really curious to find out what the heck a frog has to do with taking action.

Mark Twain said “If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And if it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.” … Eating the frog means tackling the biggest and ugliest task first thing in the morning. If you have 2 frogs to tackle, eat the biggest one first.

Brian explains delaying the challenge makes it harder to achieve, so take action quickly so you can feel the rewards and benefits of the result sooner.


These are just a few of the many different ways that you can overcome procrastination. This is a bad habit that we all go through at some stage that can greatly affect the future of your business. If you are able to overcome this habit, you will find that your business can soar to new heights.


Make sure that you are patient with yourself. It takes time to overcome bad habits that have been set.


The more you work on new habits of productivity. The results will most definitely follow further sparking your passion for your business.

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Fail forward 🙌

Fail forward 🙌

Raise your hand if you go out there to fail?…No?

That’s just my point. No-one wants to fail.

Yet failure is a massive part of the journey to success. Online our failings are laid out there for all to see.


Our fear of failure can lead us to subconsciously self-sabotage our drive to succeed. Almost like a protective shield from being hurt.


It can be a scary world this online universe where internet trolls, keyboard warriors, judgmental people are lurking out there waiting to pounce and broadcast our failings.

12months ago I was caring for my elderly mum who was showing an early onset of dementia. I decided I couldn’t continue to work my full-time job and care for mum, so I began my search to build an income online.

I immersed myself in learning and I completed online courses where I learned how to use my current skills to solve other peoples problems.

So, excitedly I created this very simple program. I recorded and released my very first Basic Budgeting program aimed to provide simple money literacy skills to help people make smarter decisions with their money.

The program was the online version of the workshops I delivered to community services which drew life-changing feedback.

My sole focus was to empower people with the knowledge and skills I wish I had been equipped with and may have prevented my own financial ruin.

I really thought I’d be setting the world on fire once I hit the launch button and so I couldn’t wait to wake up to countless enrolments.

Hours…days…weeks…months went past and other than a couple of takers… Crickets…

At first, the emotional roller coaster was incredible.

I felt the whole spectrum of emotions: excited anticipation as I put the material together, frustration as I navigated through the online tools and systems to host my program, fear of failure and fear of judgment kept ringing in my head. Ghosts of the past coming back to play with my mind.

Imposter Syndrome reared its ugly head again.

At the same time, family and friends were amazingly encouraging and agreed there is a definite need for people out there to learn these skills.

So why nothing online? Why wasn’t I getting any interest?

17mths later I realized my course was like a rowboat floating aimlessly out in the vast ocean waiting to be discovered.

The study and practice I have been going through since joining the SFM/Digital Experts Academy have made me realize that the major part in the process I am missing is the newscast to the people who need my course, and the compass to direct them to my solution.

In other words: the task of marketing my course.

More on that process in another article.




The thing is, some people would judge the fact that I hadn’t made any real sale as a failure.

Well, to be honest, I was feeling a sense of failure myself. I was questioning if people really needed my course.


Just then a Will Smith broadcast popped up in my Facebook feed. Will talks about his thoughts about failure:



Now that is serendipity at its best.


Have you had moments of struggle in your life when out of the blue you receive some message, contact, or voice at that very moment in time when you need it the most?

Well, this was one of those moments for me.

Thanks to this moment, I now look at failures as a signpost to a new lesson.

I’m not afraid or threatened by my failings as long as I can “fail forward” as described by Will Smith.


I remind myself of these challenges this is meant to be a marathon and not a sprint.


As we are navigating this world of entrepreneurship, we need to ensure we are in a supportive community of people who nourish you. People who strengthen you.


These are the people who will support you to stay on track when you have a fall. These are the people whose voices will encourage you to stay on the path.


So, “Fail Fast. Fail Often. Fail Forward”…Will Smith.

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50something. So What next? Is It Too Late For An Online Business?

50something. So What next? Is It Too Late For An Online Business?

“You’re now over the hill…” According to some, you should be winding down now but wait, have you considered an online business that can start bringing in a passive income? The truth is, we are happiest in our 50’s says Jonathan Rauch author of  The Happiness Curve: Why Life Gets Better After 50. Rauch is quoted in an interview with The Guardian “there’s a huge amount of untapped wisdom and potential to be unlocked. Because of the happiness curve, they’re often in a position where they want to give back. 50somethings want to be mentors, they want to be volunteers and they want to work at not so difficult jobs which allow them to use their skills.” Research is showing more and more people in their later years are returning to study, re-training, re-educating, re-skilling themselves to either stay in paid employment, or, more excitingly: start their own thing. The exciting trends are around the growing number of 50somethings starting their own business…I had a laugh at the term “oldpreneurs” coined in an article on this subject by Financial Times. So, the last 20something years you’ve raised your children and they’re flying off to build their dream lives…While still at home of course…🤦‍♀️ The love you have poured into your child/ren or step-child has all been worth it. They’ve turned into the loving, responsible, intelligent, independent adult and member of the community you always wanted them to become. Sigh…

Over the Hill?

NO Way.. I hear you’re saying?…I’ve still got life in me. I’m active, I’ve got so much to contribute to society. Life’s just begun… Awesome. Great. So how are you going to manage that? You’re still paying off all the bills and debt for the education, sports activities, and travels so you haven’t even begun to plan for the things you’ve always wanted to do. Apparently at this time of your life you don’t have any debt. My experience personally and many years as a Financial Counsellor suggest there are many people in their 50somethings to 60somethings still carrying a lot of debt. Credit cards, personal loans, car loans etc.

Some people call it the midlife crisis. I call it a massive Wake Up Call

Have you been feeling that as well? Bogged down with the questions of What now? and Where to from here?

You’re still working and still enjoying what you do. You know you will be working for a few more years to come but you can’t see yourself doing this same job until the end of your days. Yet you need something. I mean it’s a job, right? Its served its purpose, it helped you get the loan you needed, helped you buy the things you needed to get, covered the living expenses when your life was all centered around your young adults who are now off doing their own thing.

So. What if…Just, what if you could start to build your own income stream now?

I mean, generate an income from something that lights up your heart. A talent, a skill, a passion, that hobby you know, that thing you could do all day and almost miss an important appointment because you were so engrossed in what you were doing.

What if you could turn around to support others who needed help with that same task you could do with your eyes closed?

We owe it to society to pay it forward. There is someone out there struggling to find the answer to that problem you’ve already solved. The life lessons, the falls, the wins, the challenges, the relationships. When I was working as a Financial Counsellor I would love sitting with my older clients and listening to their stories and so I learned so much from their journey and their regrets.

Bronnie Ware, Palliative Care Nurse Australia for many years supported patients who returned home to die.

From her years of sitting bedside with the terminally ill,  Bronnie wrote an incredibly touching and powerful article turned book: Regrets of the Dying the 5 common themes that came through her time of sharing with her patients in their final weeks, days, hours…
Regrets are centered around: not having tried enough to live a fulfilled life:
  • Not following one’s own pathway to happiness
  • Not having the courage to express true feelings
  • Not living own fulfilled life but living up to the expectations of other’s
  • Regrets of working too hard
  • Regrets about not staying connected with friends.
Having faced my own mortality, I live my daily life constantly trying to ensure I go to bed at night having tried.
How many of us are feeling these regrets but still waste today not taking action?
Ask yourself this: What would my older-self say to me today?

so, what is the 1 thing you can do to start now?

  • Read a self-improvement book around overcoming your fears?
  • Take a course on how to develop your passions to a higher level?
  • Take a course on how to turn your passion into a business?
You only need to pick 1 to get started. Don’t be afraid. Just take your 1st step which will lead to the next, then the next…    CLICK HERE If You’re Curious to find out what helped me. It could help you? …With Love Taga xxx
Discover your gifts to create a profitable online business 💖

Discover your gifts to create a profitable online business 💖

You’ve been chasing the answer to this for a long time right?… What do gift do you possibly have that I can create a profitable online business?

Just like you, the question of what I have to offer the world has been racking my brain for as long as I can remember.

I was forced to return to full-time work after the failure of my business during Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy. But as the years passed the dream to once again create my own business was always tugging at me. The tugging became stronger and stronger and I began to make inquiries again online.

As I searched for that something while still working I had this constant heaviness and getting fed up with:

  • the stress of trying to organize time off work when needed or the anxiety and guilt of calling in sick
  • trying to catch up the backlog that being off created
  • applying for annual leave, then working extra just to make sure the work during my planned time off was up to date. Then upon returning from leave, having to work extra to catch up with all the emails that came through during my absence…

If you’re like me, the work during time off doesn’t magically get done while you’re away… or maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who had someone do your work for you.





So, I was plagued by this question: What do I have to offer that will solve someone’s problem?

Eventually, I realized that actually, it’s “me”.  I have a huge amount I can offer.  Yes. Me. That’s it.

All my unique life experiences – All the ups; the downs, the journey to recovery, and the moments of working through my own problems…provided the genuine source for me to draw from.

After all, no-one else has walked in my shoes but me.

Just as ONLY YOU have walked in your shoes. 

Here are some things that helped me pinpoint the value that I can bring to the world. I hope they help you find yours:

  • Reflective daily journaling – Actually, nightly journaling suits me better. It allows me to download the key events that have taken place during my day.
    • I journal how I:
    • felt about what happened,
    • how it affected me,
    • what lessons I felt came out of it,
    • how would I approach the same situation next time?
    • my hero moment to celebrate the wins of the day and how I felt 
  • I’ve read so much about the benefits of journaling. I must say though, journaling in bed before I close my eyes is tricky. At times I am so tired the eyelids get really heavy and my writing begins to turn into blurred scribbles…
  • The bi-product to my journaling provided the themes that were coming through in my writing…
  • The “me things” I love to do daily started to emerge – you know the things that you could do all day, not realizing dinner is ready and you still can’t tear yourself away? And,
  • Allowed me to get rid of the constant chatter of that monkey mind before sleep. My husband teases me that my snoring kicks into overdrive then…hahaha 
  • Think about what things your family, friends, and colleagues often come to you for? – I found I have become the go-to person for giving family and friends guidance when they are faced with problems related to money and debt.
  • Picture the problems you have had to overcome?then you find yourself teaching others to do – The Learn. Do. Teach methodology is the key to constant growth, self-development, and service

You see, we all do things without giving it a second thought.

Sometimes those are the same things people compliment you on which you brush off as “ anyone could do that…”

It reminds me of a co-worker now a friend of mine who during coffee one day, reflecting over our previous weekend (as we all do), casually describes how she “whipped up” 10 trays of slices in preparation for a lunch event she had organized for a family get together.

My mouth dropped and I responded with: “are you serious?…

You “just” whipped up all those from scratch?”

“Why?” she replied, “anyone could’ve done it…”

Actually, it’s because of all the times she spent baking that she has perfected her skills. The same skills that she devalues as “just whipping up”. Baking is now “her thing” and sharing her creations with her family and friends brings her absolute joy.

Ever heard of the term: “Imposter Syndrome?”

“Imposter Syndrome” or “imposter phenomenon” as known by Psychologists is described by Wikipedia as: “ a psychological pattern in which an individual doubts their accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a “fraud”. I don’t know about you but: do you struggle with:

  • Fear of failure?
  • You can’t possibly release work that is less than 100% perfect so you work extremely hard, extremely long hours to get it right?
  • You feel you need to be THE expert on the subject and hold back from asking questions?
  • Your brain calls you an imposter if the task you’re undertaking is harder than expected? – Afterall it wouldn’t be hard if you were qualified.
  • Feel you need to be perfect in EVERY area of your life? – All because you are afraid people with think you are a fraud

Time Health’s recent article explains the condition as “affecting more than 70% of people at some time in their lives”.

When I identified my own “imposter syndrome” I realized how this was severely limiting my own personal development.



When I decided to pursue my new business, imposter syndrome was an area that blocked me from taking the massive action I needed to take.

Blogging and writing were one of those blocks for me.

I found myself constantly holding back from blogging with the limiting tapes running in my head: “who am I, and what value can I offer?”

Thoughts of not being able to string 2 words together or fear that I would be judged harshly about not being good enough played havoc with my mind.

This is my 4th blog. Yes, you might be thinking that’s not many…but to give you context, my first blog took me 3wks to publish. It’s not perfect, but nor am I.

I am not perfect. I do have a passion to communicate. And now my 4th blog is down to 5 hours to publishing.

As each post is completed, I am improving and getting better. I am finding my unique voice. Warts and all.

People are reaching out now and expressing how they too went through the same doubts and fears.

So, never underestimate the unique journey you have traveled, the skills, interests, and talents you have developed. 

There are many people out there looking for ways to learn those same skills you now take for granted.

Click Here to find out how you can bring your own unique gifts together to build your profitable online business.


With love Taga xxx

What would your ideal day look like today?

What would your ideal day look like today?

If you had it your way: What would you be doing today?


I bet it wouldn’t include:

  • Spending 8 hours per day, 7 days per week away from your family working
  • Missing out on your children’s school activities because you can’t get time off work
  • Sitting in the middle of peak hour traffic carpark – both ways to work
  • Getting caught in peak hour train or bus cancellations while feeling sick
  • The feeling of absolute dread ringing in sick so you can stay home to look after your sick child

Maybe it’d sound more like:

  • Waking up ½ hour before the alarm and with a spring in your step
  • Choosing to drive to the beach to go through your newly found morning ritual of walking, yoga and mindfulness meditation
  • Enjoying a healthy green juice with a freshly brewed cup of rich coffee
  • Maybe it’s attending your child or grandchild’s sports event where they spot and wave at their biggest cheerleader on the sideline catching those special memories on your phone forever etched in both your memories.
  • Being able to walk down the supermarket aisle when everyone else is at work

Living a healthy and happy lifestyle can add 7yrs to your life

The German research company Max Planck article goes on to state “healthy elderly people are better able to participate in the labor market and to perform social roles, such as caring for grandchildren.”

I worked full time (and more) out of necessity, pretty much as soon as both my children were able to take the bottle.

As with many working mum’s (and dad’s), it was a particularly painful time for juggling the needs of my young family, with the demands of work. All in the interest of providing a good lifestyle for our children – my mantra at the time.

Working long days, and at times weekends meant that my children were either missing their mum or worse yet, watching DVDs at mum’s work.

Older now, and apparently wiser, my priorities are my children and their children. The ability to respond to and support my grandchildren’s needs gives me great joy and fulfillment.

I’d forgotten how much physical, and emotional energy is required with the “youngies”.

So I can now dedicate my mornings to a healthy routine so I have the physical and emotional capacity to be present and happy longer. And the energy to draw from during my times with the “grandies”.

Climbing slides, kicking and chasing the ball, running along while they bike, playing in the pool with them and ending the day with a bear hug…I’m in bliss just describing these moments. This is what life is about, until the tantrums at pick-up time because they “don’t wanna leave nana’s”…

Those are just some of my BIG WHY’s that keep me focused as I pursue that word I’ve always found uncomfortable: Entrepreneurship.

When I am facing challenges, my BIG WHY keeps me anchored.

If you too find the idea of Entrepreneurship uncomfortable a favorite book of mine by Mark V Hansen (Chicken Soup Series) and Robert G Allen called: The One Minute Millionaire / The Enlightened Way to Wealth helped me work through my limiting mindset around wealth and rich people.

I left a full-time job recently to get away from micro-management. Risky and nervous at the time, that decision opened the doors for other opportunities which would not have been possible otherwise.

So, go ahead, feel the emotions of what it would be like for you to live your ideal life.

Dream and the universe by design will begin shifting things, bring people into your life, create situations to begin moving you towards that vision.

Embrace the spark that is igniting, and follow the road to your new life

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6 Simple Habits You Can Develop Now To Create Your Online Business

6 Simple Habits You Can Develop Now To Create Your Online Business

Didn’t think you had it in you right?… I thought that too. It wasn’t long ago I too didn’t think simple new habits could help me create my own online business.

A recent article in Business News Daily: Traits for Entrepreneurial Success sites 11 typical traits for a successful entrepreneur.

The habits that resonate with me are:

  1. Energetic – your level of energy is critical for what can be long days, after all, Rome wasn’t built in a day and your Rome will take a whole lot of passion and dedication to build your successful online business.

If you can make it a habit to immerse yourself in a daily routine of regular exercise and healthy eating you can really charge yourself up. Get those endorphins running through your body to help you maintain high levels of energy you need to keep going through the day.

  1. Resourceful – we live in an era where we can research any topic of choice at our fingertips. The world has never witnessed such an explosion of a platform as has occurred since the birth of the online world meaning all you need is a laptop or smartphone and the internet and you’re in business.
  1. Self-Aware – when you can identify your self-limiting thoughts then push through these limitations you can do anything.
  1. Creative – Creativity can be a challenge for me. Yoga and meditation music in the background really helps to get the creative juices flowing but it is a focused area as I build my creative muscle through regular use
  1. Resilience – as humans we started building resilience from the moment we tried to take our first step and fell. Cried our ugly cry then got back up…fell again…then up…down…up……….up and gradually we’re standing, walking, running, jumping, sprinting. Resilience is another muscle that through time and through lots of falling and getting back up, we become stronger and better. You will need to draw from this when building your online business.
  1. Optimistic – optimism to me is the difference between how we cope with failures. If you can see failures as learning opportunities, you will always feel empowered to move past it.

But the biggest factor is no matter what? You just need to get started with your online business.

All these traits to become a successful entrepreneur are developed over time as you grow into the space of building your online business.

You start to become the person you need to become to create and grow your own business through transformation.

A great read  I  found extremely useful especially if you are feeling unworthy of being a successful entrepreneur(or for any other area of your life) is Mel Robbins: The 5 Second Rule.

Mel doesn’t just talk about addressing challenges in your life. She gives you a drop-down simple method that you can do right now.

No tools needed, no money needed just a simple countdown you can say in your mind to get you out of procrastinating, into action taking.

The absolute beauty of these traits is: everyone has them or has developed them to some extent.

Yes. Even if you don’t feel worthy, you have the same opportunity as everyone else. The only difference is your mind and taking action.

  • You don’t need a degree, and,
  • No, you don’t need to have a product either (affiliate marketing is a growing platform)

I’ll add another word to the list that I’ve had to draw from countless times in my journey is Courage.

I wish you all the best in your journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

It’s a marathon and not a sprint, but one you will not regret as you experience your own personal transformation that will also inspire those around you.

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