Didn’t think you had it in you right?… I thought that too. It wasn’t long ago I too didn’t think simple new habits could help me create my own online business.

A recent article in Business News Daily: Traits for Entrepreneurial Success sites 11 typical traits for a successful entrepreneur.

The habits that resonate with me are:

  1. Energetic – your level of energy is critical for what can be long days, after all, Rome wasn’t built in a day and your Rome will take a whole lot of passion and dedication to build your successful online business.

If you can make it a habit to immerse yourself in a daily routine of regular exercise and healthy eating you can really charge yourself up. Get those endorphins running through your body to help you maintain high levels of energy you need to keep going through the day.

  1. Resourceful – we live in an era where we can research any topic of choice at our fingertips. The world has never witnessed such an explosion of a platform as has occurred since the birth of the online world meaning all you need is a laptop or smartphone and the internet and you’re in business.
  1. Self-Aware – when you can identify your self-limiting thoughts then push through these limitations you can do anything.
  1. Creative – Creativity can be a challenge for me. Yoga and meditation music in the background really helps to get the creative juices flowing but it is a focused area as I build my creative muscle through regular use
  1. Resilience – as humans we started building resilience from the moment we tried to take our first step and fell. Cried our ugly cry then got back up…fell again…then up…down…up……….up and gradually we’re standing, walking, running, jumping, sprinting. Resilience is another muscle that through time and through lots of falling and getting back up, we become stronger and better. You will need to draw from this when building your online business.
  1. Optimistic – optimism to me is the difference between how we cope with failures. If you can see failures as learning opportunities, you will always feel empowered to move past it.

But the biggest factor is no matter what? You just need to get started with your online business.

All these traits to become a successful entrepreneur are developed over time as you grow into the space of building your online business.

You start to become the person you need to become to create and grow your own business through transformation.

A great read  I  found extremely useful especially if you are feeling unworthy of being a successful entrepreneur(or for any other area of your life) is Mel Robbins: The 5 Second Rule.

Mel doesn’t just talk about addressing challenges in your life. She gives you a drop-down simple method that you can do right now.

No tools needed, no money needed just a simple countdown you can say in your mind to get you out of procrastinating, into action taking.

The absolute beauty of these traits is: everyone has them or has developed them to some extent.

Yes. Even if you don’t feel worthy, you have the same opportunity as everyone else. The only difference is your mind and taking action.

  • You don’t need a degree, and,
  • No, you don’t need to have a product either (affiliate marketing is a growing platform)

I’ll add another word to the list that I’ve had to draw from countless times in my journey is Courage.

I wish you all the best in your journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

It’s a marathon and not a sprint, but one you will not regret as you experience your own personal transformation that will also inspire those around you.

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