So how can you work out if it’s a get rich quick online business scam?

The online marketing industry has been recording exponential growth over the last few years.

But as much as this is good news for online marketers, it has also led to the emergence of many online training platforms, courses, and training. Some promising to make you a millionaire overnight mixed in with many that are legitimate and really can teach you how to create a successful authentic business. This crowded space makes it difficult for newcomers to differentiate between the legit courses and the get rich quick schemes. You are not entirely at fault for falling for a plan that claims it can make you a millionaire within a few weeks. Marketing scams have been evolving with each passing year, a fact that has made it difficult even for industry experts to be able to spot them. However, you should note that not all marketing schemes are-get-rich-quick schemes.
There are highly successful marketers who can teach you how to create an authentic business that will help you earn good money in the “long run”.
In this article, I look at the various tricks that promise to make you a millionaire:

1. Promises, Promises, and Promises

“Become a millionaire within six months using this tried and proven online marketing system”; “Create a business that will help you earn a good income within six weeks by following the steps”; “Implement the following tips and start earning money today”
Any of this sound familiar to you?
Any experienced marketer can identify these phrases and stay away from them. But for a beginner, it may prove a bit difficult to differentiate between them. And it is the reason why many beginners end up falling for these schemes as they are eager to create an authentic business and start earning money.   Scammers using these phrases promising high earnings in short timeframes are those that are out to make money from unsuspecting beginners. The truth is that you can become an online millionaire, but not by falling prey to all these promises. The reality is that the people running such programs are employing known copywriting tactics to grab your attention, and for the case of a beginner, spark an interest in the program.

2. Contradictory Details

Where a program creator is focusing on lining his or her bank account, they will generally tend to use sales pictures on their program websites. And just as was the case in the last point, their main aim will be to grab your attention. Here, they will often end up providing you with a new set of totally contradicting details to sound legitimate and convince you that they can help you create an online business. For instance, ever come across an online post that claims that it can assist you to become a millionaire within a year of joining the program? Sounds fishy, doesn’t it? On the other hand, the trainer during his first webinar then goes on to state that this is not one of those get rich quick schemes. Isn’t the training coordinator contradicting himself? If you’re cautious you will be able to read between the lines and notice the contradictory data provided. You may then deduce the promoted course cannot help you actualize your goal to create an authentic business.

3. Using Lavish Pictures

If you’ve used a search engine to look up the phrase “how to earn online,” it is possible that you’ve encountered promotional material and advertisements featuring luxurious mansions, flashy sports cars, and self-made millionaire pictures. Overuse of lavish pictures is one of the most common tricks and is all over the World Wide Web. A good-quality product will focus on selling its benefits and features and will leave this kind of promotional branding to the scammers.

4. Products That Are Focused on Money Outcomes

When it comes to online marketing, you can easily attract a person to your course or online training by showing them how they stand to benefit by signing up. Many websites state you can create a business typically showcasing screenshots depicting their monthly or yearly income reports. Others will tend to showcase how a person became a millionaire, or how their lives changed after using certain products. In as much as it is proper that such programs show proof that they work, using “too many” pictures can also be an indication that the training in question is among the many get rich quick schemes available on the web. Because at the end of the day, how the programs’ owner became transformed is not in any way directly tied to your own success.

A product that works will focus on selling its top features, how this program can benefit you, and some of the things that you are likely to learn from this program.

Good marketers know that they should not focus on promoting themselves. Proof that a program helped them become a millionaire or helped them change their lifestyle should always come secondary.
What you are interested in learning is the methods or techniques that you can follow to be as successful as they have become.
Therefore, if you notice that a particular course is placing too much focus on the money outcome, move on. 

5. Pyramid Schemes

An excellent example of a get rich quick scheme is a pyramid scheme. Many projects work in the form of a model which recruits members by promising them that they will receive a service or a payment for getting others to enroll in the business. In short, they promise you to earn by getting others to subscribe, instead of supplying a product or service. The reality is that with this type of program, you will learn how to get others to sign up, instead of how to create an authentic business.   Often, you will find that these get rich quick schemes tend to be unsustainable, and are written off as illegal businesses in many countries. The problem that lies in online marketing is that such enterprises come in various disguises. You have to be sharp to make sure that you will not become a victim.

6. Limited Time Offer

This is a technique commonly employed by marketers who are looking to boost their offers, by claiming that they can help you learn how to create an authentic business, but that this offer is only available for a short period only. The reality is that those behind it are only using these tactics with the hope of earning money within the shortest period. Legitimate offers will provide you with options to extend the buying window when they are focussed on helping you make the right decision for you.

Final Verdict

Before you sign up to any program, take your time to go through the available reviews. But be sure to check out the validity of the reviews as there are known scams even within these reviews.
Check to see if you can “test drive” the course with 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked.
That way after dipping your toes in,  if you find it is not a good fit you can cancel and get your money back. Programs that are legitimate about helping you find the right fit, will also support you when you decide their program is NOT a good fit. They will encourage you NOT to proceed when they can see their program will not be able to provide for your needs or aligned with the program objectives.

A final point.

Know what learning style you prefer so you can determine whether the program can cater to your learning needs.
After all, how can you learn if the program does not cater to your learning style? Typically the different learning styles are:
  • Visual learner: you like to take in information from pictures, diagrams, charts
  • Auditory learner: you prefer to learn through sound and music
  • Linguistic: you prefer learning through speech
  • Kinesthetic: you like to be kept moving
  • Tactile: you are a fidgeter and like to play with something while learning
  • Do you like to learn in a group environment?
  • Do you prefer to learn via individual coaching?
  • Prefer to have your handheld and someone you can get guidance before can move on? or,
  • Prefer autonomy and happy to look for information yourself with support as you need
Do not fall prey to any course or training program that promises to make you a millionaire within a few weeks…There is no shortcut to becoming successful.

As much as it is possible to become an online millionaire, it will take time, dedication, and lots of effort.

Check out how the platform I chose transformed my life and how it may even be what you’ve been searching for….

Feel Free to reach out if you have any questions. With Love Taga xxx

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