You’ve been chasing the answer to this for a long time right?… What do gift do you possibly have that I can create a profitable online business?

Just like you, the question of what I have to offer the world has been racking my brain for as long as I can remember.

I was forced to return to full-time work after the failure of my business during Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy. But as the years passed the dream to once again create my own business was always tugging at me. The tugging became stronger and stronger and I began to make inquiries again online.

As I searched for that something while still working I had this constant heaviness and getting fed up with:

  • the stress of trying to organize time off work when needed or the anxiety and guilt of calling in sick
  • trying to catch up the backlog that being off created
  • applying for annual leave, then working extra just to make sure the work during my planned time off was up to date. Then upon returning from leave, having to work extra to catch up with all the emails that came through during my absence…

If you’re like me, the work during time off doesn’t magically get done while you’re away… or maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who had someone do your work for you.





So, I was plagued by this question: What do I have to offer that will solve someone’s problem?

Eventually, I realized that actually, it’s “me”.  I have a huge amount I can offer.  Yes. Me. That’s it.

All my unique life experiences – All the ups; the downs, the journey to recovery, and the moments of working through my own problems…provided the genuine source for me to draw from.

After all, no-one else has walked in my shoes but me.

Just as ONLY YOU have walked in your shoes. 

Here are some things that helped me pinpoint the value that I can bring to the world. I hope they help you find yours:

  • Reflective daily journaling – Actually, nightly journaling suits me better. It allows me to download the key events that have taken place during my day.
    • I journal how I:
    • felt about what happened,
    • how it affected me,
    • what lessons I felt came out of it,
    • how would I approach the same situation next time?
    • my hero moment to celebrate the wins of the day and how I felt 
  • I’ve read so much about the benefits of journaling. I must say though, journaling in bed before I close my eyes is tricky. At times I am so tired the eyelids get really heavy and my writing begins to turn into blurred scribbles…
  • The bi-product to my journaling provided the themes that were coming through in my writing…
  • The “me things” I love to do daily started to emerge – you know the things that you could do all day, not realizing dinner is ready and you still can’t tear yourself away? And,
  • Allowed me to get rid of the constant chatter of that monkey mind before sleep. My husband teases me that my snoring kicks into overdrive then…hahaha 
  • Think about what things your family, friends, and colleagues often come to you for? – I found I have become the go-to person for giving family and friends guidance when they are faced with problems related to money and debt.
  • Picture the problems you have had to overcome?then you find yourself teaching others to do – The Learn. Do. Teach methodology is the key to constant growth, self-development, and service

You see, we all do things without giving it a second thought.

Sometimes those are the same things people compliment you on which you brush off as “ anyone could do that…”

It reminds me of a co-worker now a friend of mine who during coffee one day, reflecting over our previous weekend (as we all do), casually describes how she “whipped up” 10 trays of slices in preparation for a lunch event she had organized for a family get together.

My mouth dropped and I responded with: “are you serious?…

You “just” whipped up all those from scratch?”

“Why?” she replied, “anyone could’ve done it…”

Actually, it’s because of all the times she spent baking that she has perfected her skills. The same skills that she devalues as “just whipping up”. Baking is now “her thing” and sharing her creations with her family and friends brings her absolute joy.

Ever heard of the term: “Imposter Syndrome?”

“Imposter Syndrome” or “imposter phenomenon” as known by Psychologists is described by Wikipedia as: “ a psychological pattern in which an individual doubts their accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a “fraud”. I don’t know about you but: do you struggle with:

  • Fear of failure?
  • You can’t possibly release work that is less than 100% perfect so you work extremely hard, extremely long hours to get it right?
  • You feel you need to be THE expert on the subject and hold back from asking questions?
  • Your brain calls you an imposter if the task you’re undertaking is harder than expected? – Afterall it wouldn’t be hard if you were qualified.
  • Feel you need to be perfect in EVERY area of your life? – All because you are afraid people with think you are a fraud

Time Health’s recent article explains the condition as “affecting more than 70% of people at some time in their lives”.

When I identified my own “imposter syndrome” I realized how this was severely limiting my own personal development.



When I decided to pursue my new business, imposter syndrome was an area that blocked me from taking the massive action I needed to take.

Blogging and writing were one of those blocks for me.

I found myself constantly holding back from blogging with the limiting tapes running in my head: “who am I, and what value can I offer?”

Thoughts of not being able to string 2 words together or fear that I would be judged harshly about not being good enough played havoc with my mind.

This is my 4th blog. Yes, you might be thinking that’s not many…but to give you context, my first blog took me 3wks to publish. It’s not perfect, but nor am I.

I am not perfect. I do have a passion to communicate. And now my 4th blog is down to 5 hours to publishing.

As each post is completed, I am improving and getting better. I am finding my unique voice. Warts and all.

People are reaching out now and expressing how they too went through the same doubts and fears.

So, never underestimate the unique journey you have traveled, the skills, interests, and talents you have developed. 

There are many people out there looking for ways to learn those same skills you now take for granted.

Click Here to find out how you can bring your own unique gifts together to build your profitable online business.


With love Taga xxx

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