If you had it your way: What would you be doing today?


I bet it wouldn’t include:

  • Spending 8 hours per day, 7 days per week away from your family working
  • Missing out on your children’s school activities because you can’t get time off work
  • Sitting in the middle of peak hour traffic carpark – both ways to work
  • Getting caught in peak hour train or bus cancellations while feeling sick
  • The feeling of absolute dread ringing in sick so you can stay home to look after your sick child

Maybe it’d sound more like:

  • Waking up ½ hour before the alarm and with a spring in your step
  • Choosing to drive to the beach to go through your newly found morning ritual of walking, yoga and mindfulness meditation
  • Enjoying a healthy green juice with a freshly brewed cup of rich coffee
  • Maybe it’s attending your child or grandchild’s sports event where they spot and wave at their biggest cheerleader on the sideline catching those special memories on your phone forever etched in both your memories.
  • Being able to walk down the supermarket aisle when everyone else is at work

Living a healthy and happy lifestyle can add 7yrs to your life

The German research company Max Planck article goes on to state “healthy elderly people are better able to participate in the labor market and to perform social roles, such as caring for grandchildren.”

I worked full time (and more) out of necessity, pretty much as soon as both my children were able to take the bottle.

As with many working mum’s (and dad’s), it was a particularly painful time for juggling the needs of my young family, with the demands of work. All in the interest of providing a good lifestyle for our children – my mantra at the time.

Working long days, and at times weekends meant that my children were either missing their mum or worse yet, watching DVDs at mum’s work.

Older now, and apparently wiser, my priorities are my children and their children. The ability to respond to and support my grandchildren’s needs gives me great joy and fulfillment.

I’d forgotten how much physical, and emotional energy is required with the “youngies”.

So I can now dedicate my mornings to a healthy routine so I have the physical and emotional capacity to be present and happy longer. And the energy to draw from during my times with the “grandies”.

Climbing slides, kicking and chasing the ball, running along while they bike, playing in the pool with them and ending the day with a bear hug…I’m in bliss just describing these moments. This is what life is about, until the tantrums at pick-up time because they “don’t wanna leave nana’s”…

Those are just some of my BIG WHY’s that keep me focused as I pursue that word I’ve always found uncomfortable: Entrepreneurship.

When I am facing challenges, my BIG WHY keeps me anchored.

If you too find the idea of Entrepreneurship uncomfortable a favorite book of mine by Mark V Hansen (Chicken Soup Series) and Robert G Allen called: The One Minute Millionaire / The Enlightened Way to Wealth helped me work through my limiting mindset around wealth and rich people.

I left a full-time job recently to get away from micro-management. Risky and nervous at the time, that decision opened the doors for other opportunities which would not have been possible otherwise.

So, go ahead, feel the emotions of what it would be like for you to live your ideal life.

Dream and the universe by design will begin shifting things, bring people into your life, create situations to begin moving you towards that vision.

Embrace the spark that is igniting, and follow the road to your new life

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